About Us
(and About You)

Who We Are

Maintaining a strong sales pipeline is a high priority for any business.  Today, more and more businesses are using their websites  and other online assets  to attract new prospects.  But with so many sites and platforms, and so many rivals competing on them, keeping pace is a challenge for any owner.  

Lucya was founded to fill exactly this need.  Focus on your business; let us coordinate your ads.  We proudly play this supporting role for company owners and operators.

Our Goal

To keep your phone ringing; to keep your inbox full; to keep your lobby packed.  In other words, our goal is your goal.  We aren’t here to just make an effort; real-world results are our only benchmark.

Our Philosophy

As unsexy as it sounds, our biggest belief is in fundamentals.  Marketing fundamentals, internet fundamentals, and customer service fundamentals.  While we do have our share of “ninja” skills, we focus on the nuts-and-bolts of driving online traffic, converting leads, and building feedback loops with our clients.  There’s no substitute for these foundations.

Our second-biggest belief is in playing the long game.  No brand is built in a day, and a sustained, coordinated effort is needed for online prominence.  Even Jordan needed 7 seasons to win his first championship!  (We aim to give you results sooner than 7 years.)

We also believe in being kind, responsive and acting in good faith in all matters.  We like to think we bring the best of the 20th and 21st centuries – old-fashioned virtues combined with new-fashioned technologies.  

We look kind of like this:

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Who You Are

You’re a business owner who’s focused on your craft and your customers.  You’ve got a company that’s special in its own way, and you care for it like a newborn baby.  You spend long hours giving it your own personal touch, your customers love you for it, and you provide employment to other hardworking men and women.   You’re a pillar of the community and a role model for your kids.


Your Goal

To grow your business.  (Right?)  You want to expand your operations and branch out into new grounds.  That’s every business’s destiny!  Sure, some days you want the comfort of staying small, but deep down you know that you’re meant to make a much larger imprint.  So you need to find new customers, and new customers need to find you.  And you know that the internet is the pound-for-pound best way to connect.


Your Philosophy

You know that you’re only one person, and that you have limited time.  So you know that you need to outsource a whole lot of your day-to-day work, to free up your time and energy.  This goes for everything from customer service, to bookkeeping, to marketing.  You can’t do it all!  Even if you could, you shouldn’t; your time is better spent on your company. 

So you’ve set aside monthly budgets for everything but your core specialty.  As long as you have someone you can trust, and is an expert, you’ll gladly outsource any task.  There are just so many better ways to spend your time.

You look kind of like this:


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